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To Start Making Money with Real Estate Immediately!

Investor Schooling has redefined how a real estate investor can make money and build wealth today.

Larry Steinhouse and Phil Falcone share the secrets that took a lifetime to accumulate. If you’re not at this meeting you miss out on ideas that can have a life-changing profound effect on you and your family’s life.

You can do this!

We will show you two guys who are making a killing right now and how exactly how they put together the pieces of the investment wealth puzzle.

Larry Steinhouse and Phil Falcone have the answers and will make sure you are aware of the pitfalls and opportunities!

Join us on Thursday at 7 PM for a FREE class in Real Estate Investing that will give you all the answers to make sure that you are secure and profitable.

You don’t want to miss this one-time class because the best way to profit from investing is to learn this business from people with the experience to show you how to profit right now.

Avoid mistakes and maximize your leverage by getting to know top-level real estate investors on a personal basis.

  • Pick these investor’s brains and discover tested strategies and tactics!
  • These techniques have been tested in the real world by the founders of an unrivaled professional investor school.
  • Lots of strategies for you to choose from, so you can find out exactly works for you.
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Although this is an exclusive group of successful investors, you will fit right in.

Our meet-ups are relaxed, informal and a great time to share some great conversations.

It happens this Thursday night!

Note: You are invited. and it doesn’t cost a cent.

Join us at 7 PM at our education center located at 108 Corporate Drive E Langhorne Pa 19047

Top 5 Reasons To Attend:

  1. Learn to Make Money NOW, by Investing in Real Estate in Your Own Neighborhood!
  2. Gain Strategies to Use Other People’s Money to buy and sell houses.
  3. Learn from and Network With Successful Real Estate Investors in Your Area.
  4. Find Out How to Produce Passive Income With Rental Properties.
  5. There’s No Risk!

You Will Definitely Learn Something You Can Put to Use Immediately.

What You’ll Learn:

How to get started flipping houses in the Philadelphia area.

  • The “Do’s & Dont’s” of creative financing.
  • How to produce cash flow every month with rental properties.
  • How to buy houses with other people’s money.
  • Why networking with other investors is your key to success.
  • How to find more houses than you can buy!
  • How to replace the income from your day job!

Learn multiple investment strategies including buy and hold, fix and flip, commercial holdings and more!

Plus …

Stock Options Trading

  • Learn How Larry, (The Crazy Options Trader) Steinhouse makes over $200,000 a year, trading options.
  • Learn The Secrets of Trading Options With Low Risk.
  • Learn to Understand the Stock Market and How it Really Works.
  • Learn Why Your Stock Broker will Never Make You Rich!
  • Learn How to Leverage Your Old 401K for Incredible Returns!

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We are located at
108 Corporate Drive E
Langhorne PA 19047

Stock Options and Real Estate Investing have inherent risks, and these should not be taken lightly. Any Claims made in this presentation are “OUR RESULTS” or the stated results of students. Your results may differ. Results are also based on effort. I promise that if you do nothing, your results will be nothing. If you actively learn and participate in any programs, your chances of success will increase dramatically but are not guaranteed. Like with any program designed to help your financial success, you need to be prudent and responsible for your actions.